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Asun (Smoked Peppered Goat Meat)

This is smoked goat meat diced up with a whole lot of chillies. It goes well with a cold nice beer on a sunny afternoon and some serious banging Afrobeats. Lol!  Asun means enjoyment as it puts you in a feel good mood. Remember the feeling you get when you steal meat from the pot when you… Read more »

Steak and Chips with Creamy Tarragon Sauce

Tarragon is an herb that is mostly used in French cooking. It has an anise-based flavour so it goes well with chicken and fish. As I can’t be asked to make béarnaise sauce this is my second option during the week as its quick and taste almost as good. Ingredients 500g Beef Steak 1tsp Onion… Read more »

French Toast and American Style Pancakes

Today is one of those days I felt like having a big breakfast and as it is bank holiday I have the whole day to burn it off (at least try to).French toast is one of those happy food that starts your day right. Adding pancakes just puts you in a celebration mood. Ingredients for… Read more »

Coconut Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is an African dish. An African party without Jollof rice is not a party. Maybe Supermalt and small chops too but Jollof rice is crucial. When I think of Jollof rice, I remember growing up on Saturday mornings and the smell of my mum’s cooking wakes me up. There is a particular smell… Read more »


Sarastro is a Turkish orientated but mainly Mediterranean restaurant. It is one of those places you have to try just for the experience. The interior design is modelled on theatre so you feel like you are dining in one. As we stepped in, it felt like a different world entirely; shoes, umbrella and all sorts… Read more »

Yamarita Fries with Fried Goat Meat Stew

After the yam porridge post, I got an email asking what I did with the left over yam. So here it is; YAMARITA. This is basically fried yam but with a bit of kick so it’s not like Dun Dun (plain fried yam). You can serve Yamarita as a starter to share with a plain… Read more »

Meat Pie

I have spent a reasonable amount of my future pension on meat pie. Seriously!! I have travelled almost two hours for meat pie several times. *covers face*. The amount of time I have suffered over meat pie – Chai! So let me save myself and some of you like me from the constant suffering of… Read more »

Grilled Plantain Boat

It gets so hot sometime I feel like eating something filling but not too heavy. This is one of my quick summer delights. It also goes down well when having a BBQ.  Ingredients Plantain Sausages Red and yellow bell peppers 1 tomato I scotch Bonnet 1 onion Seasoning (Maggi) Vegetable oil Cut the plantain in… Read more »


I have had burgers but this place truly serves special burgers. As the name says they only serve burgers and lobster. Simplicity is always the best. I truly believe the simplicity of the menu allows them to focus on the quality of the food.  We got in to a buzzing restaurant due to the amount… Read more »