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Food Diaries

Its been a hot minute since I posted here, so I decided to post some pictures of what I have been eating to clean the backlog.  Lol!!If you need recipes for any of the dishes, leave a comment or drop me a mail. This year has been quite interesting, with so many events I hardly… Read more »

Cake International: The Cake Decorating & Baking Show 2015 Part 2

This post is a continuation from the Cake International Show. This is one of the best part for me as it features “The Cupcakes”, Martha Collinson, (Great British Bake Off Quarter Finalist 2014), the great “Paul Bradford” 50 Shades of Cakes and Wedding Cakes. The Cupcakes  Wedding and Engagement Cakes So beautiful… Love this. Martha Collinson… Read more »


Friday evening I was not in the mood to cook since I had a long week, I also did not want to go to the same restaurant. I wanted a different environment and then the Hubz said we should go to “RARE” since his friend recommended it to him. Initially I was not keen especially… Read more »

Roast Duck and Jasmine Rice

Duck is one of those birds I am very picky about. Its probably because of the amount of fat inside or maybe it’s the taste when its not cooked to perfection I am not sure but whatever it is I know I have moods for duck.  Lol!! There are days they are the best thing… Read more »

Christmas Shenanigans

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am currently nursing a serious hangover but it was so worth it. Plans for boxing day sale is so out of the window. So this post will be more about pictures of what I did before Christmas and on Christmas day as I am struggling to write… Read more »

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas guys. I hope you are enjoying your day and got all the gifts you asked Santa Wishing you all the blessings your heart desire and more. xxxx

Corn Dogs for Christmas

Corn Dogs was originated in America and mostly served in state fair. It symbolises celebration and fun. Which is why this Christmas I think you should all add corn dogs to your menu.The only thing is if you decide to make them, make a big batch as your guest will be screaming for more.What makes… Read more »

Yam, Omelette and Corned Beef Stew

So it’s Christmas morning everyone is automatically hungry after a late night from Christmas Eve. The food is not going to get ready till 1or 2pm. If you are like me, you are probably hung-over from waiting up to open all your presents and trying them all out so food will probably be ready by… Read more »


One of the things that are close to my heart is seeing African food in the mainstream. So when Love Chin Chin sent me some samples, I did not hesitate to try it out. Love ChinChin is a delicious snack inspired from a famous family recipe. The product has been launched over a year now… Read more »