Yam, Omelette and Corned Beef Stew

So it’s Christmas morning everyone is automatically hungry after a late night from Christmas Eve. The food is not going to get ready till 1or 2pm.
If you are like me, you are probably hung-over from waiting up to open all your presents and trying them all out so food will probably be ready by 3 or 4pm.
Send everyone back to bed or relaxing mode with this hearty, warm and filling dish.

Scotch bonnet
Seasoning cube
Corned beef
Vegetable Oil
Cut the yam, peel the skin off, rinse, add salt and sugar and boil till soft.

Blend the tomatoes, onion, scotch bonnet.

In a hot pan, heat the vegetable oil; add the blended sauce and seasoning cube to taste depending on quantity. (Be careful not to add too much seasoning cube as the corned beef as its own flavour)

After 10 minutes, add the corned beef making sure it dissolves into the sauce.

Continue cooking until the sauce dries out like so.

Meanwhile, whisk the egg, milk and salt in a bowl.

Heat the frying pan with little to no oil, pour the egg mixture in and let it cook. When the bottom is getting firm and half cooked, flip the egg over. (If you are worried about flipping it over, gently turn over using a frying spoon.)

When it’s all done either serve individually or put in a big bowl so everyone can help themselves while you focus on the main dish.

Enjoy and Happy Christmas Cooking.