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Mixed Peppersoup

Peppersoup is one of my favourite dishes to cook, its quick, light and simple. Whether it’s meat or seafood your taste buds will be buzzing with an outburst of flavours. I decided to use a different peppersoup spice by Naija Infusion and I must say it is second to none. In as much as I… Read more »

Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce is originally from Argentina. It’s used to season grilled meat.   Ingredients 5 Cloves of Garlic 2 small Shallot Bunch of fresh parsley 1 tbsp of Dried Oregano 1/2 tsp of crushed chillies3 tbsp of red wine vinegar1/2 a lime juice2 tbsp of sunflower or olive oilSea salt to taste   Chop the shallots,… Read more »

5 Top Christmas Markets in England

The time is upon us where everyone is happy, more caring, generous and generally in a good mood. If you haven’t caught the bug yet, a visit to my top 5 Christmas market should do the trick. Christmas markets are a great place to go to be in the festive mood. You find unique gifts… Read more »

Soft & Fluffy Meaty Pizza

One of the things I learnt in Rome is homemade pizza is always better than shop bought pizza. It is easy, quick and FUN! You can control what goes in and also measure calorie intake. So if you are looking for a soft, fluffy, life-changing pizza, you are definitely on the right page. Ingredients 300g… Read more »

Sweet Mackerel Stew

Sweet peppers are sweeter than ordinary bell peppers. You can tell the difference as they are pointy and long compared to bell peppers. You can bake it for few minutes or have it fresh like I did. Ingredients 2 Mackerels2 tbsp of Coconut oil3 Pointed Red Peppers1 Onion2 Scotch bonnetRosemaryOreganoSalt to tasteHandful of fresh parsley… Read more »


I recently went on a girly holiday to Malta and I realised I have not posted my food diaries. Malta is apparently the new hotspot for holiday goers and I was quite excited as they mostly served seafood. I was quite disappointed with the food as I like my food well done most especially seafood… Read more »

Grilled Turkey Bites and Plantain.

Gizzard and plantain is quite common as a party/ celebration food. On this day I wanted something different that will involve me using my hands. So I decided to turn the popular Gizdodo to Turkdodo. That doesn’t sound quite right. Its just Turkey and Dodo. Ingredients Plantain Turkey Coconut Oil Bell Peppers Stew Red Onions Stock Cube  Parboil the turkey for 5 minutes, drain… Read more »

Simple Catfish Pepper Soup

This is called a simple catfish pepper soup because it does not require you to make the pepper soup mix from scratch The weather is changing over here, Autumn as started there is no better way to start than with a soothing, body warming Catfish Pepper Soup. Ingredients  Catfish Lemon Scotch bonnet Pepper soup mix Stock cubeWater Wash and Clean the… Read more »

Food & Make Up

I catered for  a make up class in March so I thought I should share with you what went down. I love the fact food is necessary in everything but when it works well it’s so magical. I was able to also pick some tips on applying make up like a pro.StartersChef Oni Battered Plantain… Read more »

Birthday Celebrations

This year has started a bit rocky and this month was quite challenging. I lost someone very close to me shortly after my birthday hence my silence for a while.However, I understand that only the living can praise God therefore regardless of how difficult some things are for me to understand or how sad I might feel,… Read more »