Thai Rice with Sweet Sizzling Prawn Sauce Inspired by Wagamama Firecracker Prawns

The Hubz and I always pass by Wagamama every time we are shopping but we never go in. So we decided to break this tradition lol. We ordered Firecracker prawns and after the first taste I realised why I had never gone in. The food was OK, but it lacked that extra touch for a restaurant menu. Although they had other rice dishes the firecracker was recommended and I was disappointed. I will probably try some of their noodle dishes next time.
So I decided to remake firecracker prawns and the Hubz said, “So why did we pay so much for this when you can make it at home? Well, yours taste fresh and it’s less oily.” Lol! He does crack me up.
So let’s get straight into it.
Rice (Preferably Thai rice)
Tomato Puree
Spring onion
Red and Green Bell Peppers
1 Scotch bonnet
2 cooking spoon of Soy sauce
2 table spoon brown sugar
1 cooking spoon of Rice Vinegar
Vegetable Oil
Pinch of paprika
1 tsp sesame seed
Pinch of grounded black pepper

Pour the tomato puree in a wok and add water just to smooth it out. Put it in a bowl and place on one side.
Cut all the peppers and onions. Pour one cooking spoon of vegetable oil in the wok, add all peppers and onion and fry for 5 mins till they are slightly soft.
Add the tomato puree mixture, rice vinegar, soy sauce and brown sugar then let it cook for 15mins.
Add your prawns and cook for another 5 minutes and the sauce is ready.

In another pot boil your rice as normal, rinse the starch off and let it dry. If using Thai rice, do not let it dry, when the rice is soft, pour in a sieve to drain the water and serve.  

In a small bowl, add the grounded black pepper, paprika and sesame seeds and mix. Sprinkle on the rice when done.
Do you want me to re-create a dish? Leave your suggestions below and we will make it happen.