I have had burgers but this place truly serves special burgers. As the name says they only serve burgers and lobster. Simplicity is always the best. I truly believe the simplicity of the menu allows them to focus on the quality of the food. 
We got in to a buzzing restaurant due to the amount of tourist. The decor was not out of this world but it was decent with a lot of lighting. They had lobsters in the show glass that were moving around so if you find stuff like that creepy request not to seat in that area.

What We Ordered

I went with the Hubz so we ordered pretty much the same thing. They currently have an offer of a burger each, a whole lobster to share and free dessert for two. You can have cheese and bacon in the burger but as I am not a cheese fan I requested for them to take it out. The mains came with crispy but soft chips and salad as sides. You can also have a lobster roll for the light hearted. Dessert was a snicker mousse and strawberry cheesecake. Yum!

Burgers are £20 pounds each and lobster are £20 each. So with our combo it worked out as £30 each. Drinks were reasonably priced nothing out of the ordinary.

Burger was succulent and well flavoured. I did feel the weight of the fillings in the burger was slighty more than the texture which meant the bottom bun soaked in the juice of the beef, gherkin and sauce which meant it was slightly soggy. Except from that the burger was too sexy. We asked for our lobster to be grilled instead of steamed and it did not disappoint. The smokiness added flavour to the lobster, it was moist and the flavours burst out at every bite. The butter and garlic sauce was nice but a bit too strong for me. Overall the food was delicious and dessert was not special but it was sweet and tasted lovely.

Overall the Hubz and I are rating it 8/10 for an efficient and fast service, delicious food, buzzing atmosphere, good value for money and we will definitely go back again. Overall, it is just a premium fast food.

Have you been Burger and Lobster what do you think about it?