Yam Porridge

Whenever I want to cook something different from rice but not as heavy as solid, I think of yam porridge, Asaro or Ebe. It’s refreshing and it still has sufficient carbs to keep me moving. Yam porridge is basically yam with tomato sauce and seasoning. It is like Ikokore but made with dry yam instead of water yam. I used Puna yam for this recipe.

4 Tomatoes
2 scotch bonnet
1 red bell pepper
1 onion
Dry prawns
Dry fish fillet
2 knorr cubes or 4 maggi cubes
A Handful of spinach
Palm oil
2 table spoon sugar
Pinch of salt

Blend your tomatoes, scotch bonnet, red peppers and onions.

Pour the palm oil in a pot and add your blended mix on medium heat.
Cut the yam in circles, cut in medium squares like so then wash the yam and pour it in the pot.


Add your seasoning, sugar, salt, dry prawns and fish fillet. Leave to cook.
Stir from time to time and try mash the yam. When the yam is soft, mashing the yam will be easier. Mash some and leave some solid.

On the other side, chop your spinach, add it to the porridge and switch off the cooker but leave the pot on the hub so it can simmer.
You can serve yam porridge with meat or fish. I have gone for fish and spinach.

I love the way the spinach blends in the porridge