I went to Rome for a mini break and I must say its such a beautiful place to be but very dangerous. I almost died twice. (Ok that’s my exaggeration done for the post) Seriously driving in Rome is like being in a war zone. I mean why have zebra crossing and the driver beeps for you to get off because they can’t be bothered to wait. Why say it’s a one way and then on the far side cars can come into the road. (confused.com)

Except from that Rome is a lovely place to be. I went on a segway tour which was brilliant because walking in that sun would have drained me out. 

So we covered the Circus Maximus, Arch of Constantine, The Roman Forum, Collosseum, Rose Garden, Orange Garden Traian Column, Spanish Steps and a panoramic view of Rome.  

Romans love food and one of the places I was happy we went to was Campo de Fiori. They had so much authentic food and products I was buzzing through out. I wanted to see everything!! 

I was not brave enough to get them
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
You can mix your own seasoning
Still don’t get how they do this???!!!!
LOL! So cruel… 🙁

I believe you can understand the people of a country through their food, portion size, meal hours and ingredients. The Romans work hard, love food, love life, love family and are very jovial.

I was ready for this trip so I packed as much comfortable clothes as possible since one of the motives after shopping was eating. It was all about free clothing. I ate and ate and ate…..Carbs all the way hahaha!

Looking back on this trip I am happy we had enough time to do tourist activities (thanks to the almighty segway) and also explore the back streets like the locals. The markets, restaurants, butchers and gelatos was truly an experience.

Have you been to Rome? What did you love most about Rome?