The aim was to go to the ice bar but we needed to have dinner so we decided to go to the sister company Below Zero Restaurant.
The atmosphere was pleasant with most people celebrating for one thing or the other. We arrived few minutes late and we were worried they might cancel our booking as we had to book 3weeks in advance. We were glad when they took us to our seats and did not even complain about the time. Their staffs have excellent customer service skills. They told us how the night will go and our waiter came over.
What We Ordered/ What happened
We started off with a glass of champagne and appetiser.


To start I had pork belly and cornbread. The cornbread was made to perfection.

The Hubz had Chicken wings which had a sweet tangy taste.

For mains we had flat iron steak with duck fries and Ice bar burger with thick cut chips.

To finish we shared their selection of raspberry, blackberry and apple sorbet. I only liked the apple.

After dinner, we were taking up to the Ice bar by one of the staff. We were given a blue cape and gloves attached. Even though there was a queue they let us in first.

As soon as you walk in, you can’t help but feel the change in temperature. Everything is ice. The bar, the cups, the chairs, tables everything. Totally Awesome!!!!
They have different themes throughout the year and the theme currently was food. (I know right what a coincidence)


You are most likely going to pay about £35 pp excluding drinks if you are going to the restaurant alone but they have an offer of £36 or £42 for a three or four course meal respectively and entry to the ice-bar including one drink.
 The food was on and off.  There was nothing special about their menu but they added their own twist to traditional meals. The portions were not great but if you are having a four course its more than enough to last you on a night out.  
Service was excellent, they packed the plates on time, brought the food on time and when we finished someone took us to the bar.
This is definitely a once in a life time experience that everyone must experience.
Overall, I will give the restaurant 6/10 for food and 7/10 for service.
The Hubz gives it 7/10 for food and service. 
The Ice bar 8/10. Definitely worth it.

Have you been to the Ice Bar, what did you think?