Private Dinner with Chef Oni Update

Would like to thank everyone that attended the private dinner. It was great to meet you all. The night was packed with so much fun I can’t begin to explain it all. I will let the pictures do some of  the talking later.

So guest were given the location few days before the dinner which was “The Brunel Museum”
On the night  guest were served drinks upon arrival, then the five course meal began.
After the second course, guest were given a tour of the museum. Its amazing the hidden gems you find in London.

Guest settled down to enjoy the main course with Mila Falls serenading guest with her soulful voice.
It was definitely a night to remember  for me and  my beautiful guests. They have all asked for the next date which showed how much fun they had.(Thank you)

Check out the pictures below if you missed out or was not sure what to expect and WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT DINNER DATE!!!

Appetiser: Chicken & Dill Stuffed Cucumber Cup & Bruschetta with Ham and Parmesan cheese

One of the First Course: Seafood Chilli Bisque served with flat bread

Asun and Plantain Cake

Baked Seabass

Happy Staff equals excellent customer service. 

Pounded Yam with Efo Riro and slowly braised beef infused in tomato jus

Lamb Shank with Coconut Jollof Rice, Plantain and Seasonal Salad

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese, berries and crushed macaroon ball.

Tropical Coconut Parfait