Oxtail Stew

The love I have for Oxtail is intense.  What makes oxtail special is the gelatine in the meat and bones. When cooked slowly, this gelatine dissolves into the dish, creating a rich mouth-feel. When I think about slow cooked dishes, cold nights come to mind. It’s hearty, stick-to-your-ribs type of feel that will knock you out in summer. So since the weather has been really crap this week, it was time to unleash the bad boys.


Oxtail chunks
3 medium size carrots
1 leak
1 onion
4 fresh tomatoes
6 table spoon soy sauce
1 tsp rosemary
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp garlic granules
1 stock cubes
I litre of water
2 table spoon of plain flour
1 big spoon Vegetable oil
Cut and peel the carrots, onions, tomatoes and leek.

Put the oxtail in a pot; add all the vegetables, seasoning, flour, soy sauce, cooking oil and one litre of water.
Put it on medium heat for 4 hours and stir every thirty minutes.
If the stew is too thick add water, too liquid increase the heat.
You will know the oxtail is done if it is fork tender and literally falls of f the bone.
Serve with rice or a rich creamy mash.
Do you like the look of it, try it and let me know how it goes.xxxx