Hello my lovelies! I know I have been away for a while but I have been busy sorting giveaways for you all. So make sure you stay tuned through out December to be a lucky winner. Can you believe December is around the corner. Haaaaaaaaaa! 

Anyways today we are looking at Nkwobi. 

Nkwobi originates from the south – eastern part of Nigeria. It’s basically cow leg cooked until very tender, chopped and then mixed with spices that makes a unique sauce.
It is also the same as the sauce used in Isi ewu (Goat head) but I don’t think I can get myself to eat that. It is mostly eaten on its own as an appetizer or snack lol!
I call it a snack because on lovely Saturday afternoon, there were three football matches on, no goat meat for Asun but there was cow leg in different meat bags. So Nkwobi came to mind… So let’s do this.

Cow leg
Utazi Leaves
Palm oil
2 tbsp Crayfish
1 scotch bonnet (optional)
1 Seasoning Cube

Wash the cowleg, transfer in a pot add seasoning and boil until soft. Add more water as necessary. If you have a pressure cooker use it to save time.

When done, cut in small pieces as desired removing any fat or hairy part. Save the stock

In a mortar, add ehuru, crayfish, few utazi leaves and grind. The shell of the Ehuru should break, remove this and continue to grind. 

Rinse the ugba and place aside

In a bowl add the potash and water then stir till its smooth. 

Chop the scotch bonnet for a little spice and slice the onion

In a medium size pot, add palm oil, the potash mixture and stir till the sauce thickens as preferred. 

Add the grounded spice (ehuru, crayfish and utazi leaves), ugba and seasoning cube. 

Add the cut cow legs and the stock from the cow leg as this adds the sticky feel to the finished dish.

Let it cook for 2 mins then add the chopped scotch bonnet
Serve in  a bowl add parsley and onions for dressing. 


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