Moin- Moin is a bean pudding made from blended black eyed beans and cooked through steaming. It originates from Nigeria and it can be eaten alone or with rice, plantain, bread or porridge.

So my friend was in the market and asked me what I wanted and all i could think of was leaves. Zobo leaves moin-moin leaves everything leaves lol!!! (A true friend is one who thinks about you first in the midst of food)
2 Cups of red beans
Palm oil
2 Tomatoes
1 scotch bonnet
1 onion
2 seasoning cubes
Mackerel (optional)
Egg (optional)
Moin-Moin Leaves
Wash and peel the beans coat off.

Boil the eggs
Blend the beans, tomatoes, onion and scotch bonnet. Add water to cover the beans. If too thick add more water. 

Pour the blended mixture in a bowl or pot; add the palm oil and stock cubes and mix.

Pour it back in the blender, add 1/4 cup of water and blend for another 5 minutes. (The more you blend, the better the texture when cooked)

See the difference
Meanwhile, wash the moin-moin leaves using water and sponge depending on how dirty the leaves are.

Slice the eggs, open the mackerel and put in a plate for easy reach.

Separate the big leaves from the small leaves; put each small leaf over the big leaf.

Break the stems so its flexible but be careful not to make a hole in the leaf.

Roll both big and small leaves in a cone.

Bend the tip of the leaves away from you and hold with your left hand.

With your right hand using a cup, pour the blended beans in the coned ‘leaves’, add the egg and the mackerel, pour another cup of the blended beans, close it in and bend the other end of the leaves away from you.

Tip: Do not over fill the leaves with the blended moin-moin

Put it in the steamer.

Repeat the process until the blended beans has finished.

Add water to the pot below, put the top layer on and cover it with any leftover leaves then put the lid on.

Cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on quantity.
It was quite difficult preparing and taking pictures at the same time but the Hubz came to my rescue. 
Let me know if you have any queries.
I can’t explain the joy I felt when I had a bite of this hot succulent moin-moin.

So tender and moist!