Jamie’s Jollof Rice Review

Jamie’s Jollof Rice.
So everyone is going on about Jamies Jollof rice. I do not actually see anything wrong with it. I don’t know what the hype is. Ok everyone gets emotional about Jollof rice but it’s his twist on a traditional dish.
If anything he gave exposure to the dish. Although it might not be the traditional Jollof rice but the inspiration came from it.
Then again this is my opinion. We all make different dish and add our own twist to it, this is a remake with his signature; nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day originality is always better. All the negative attitude is so unnecessary.
Check out the colorful rice below and show support, looking forward to him making efo riro and other dishes so more people can be aware of African food, the uniqueness, flavor and freshness that comes with.
Jamie’s team response to all the negative comments was so on point.

This is Jamie’s twist on Jollof rice, which as it says it the feature can differ from nation to nation, “some using coconut milk, others nutmeg or other earthy spices, some use partminger (an African basil leaf) and some even use Rooibos tea” Lots of Jamie’s recipes are inspired by traditional recipes but with his own twist and style. This is his interpretation of brilliant and well-loved recipe. Let us know what you put in yours!