Ila Alasepo

First recipe on the blog is Ila Alasepo. Only reason, this is what I made for the Hubz last weekend.

This is a Yoruba dish and I like it because it’s rich in fibre, it’s quick and easy. It can be done between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on if the meat is already cooked or not.

Ingredients Variety of meat (beef, oxtail, cow leg, ox stripe, smoked turkey)
Beef stock or water
4 Tomatoes
1 Onions
1 Red Bell Peppers
2 Red Habanero Peppers
Seasoning (maggi, Knorr cubes etc)
400g of Okra
Dry fish (Smoked catfish fillets, Stock fish fillets, smoked prawns)
100g Prawns
Palm Oil

Cook the meat, when done fry or grill.

Soak the Stock fish fillet in hot water and put it aside.  (This helps it to soften)
Put the tomatoes, onions and peppers in the blender add a small amount of water just so it can blend then blend till smooth.

Meanwhile place the pot on medium heat, pour the palm oil. When slightly hot pour your mixture in.
 Add seasoning according to taste. 2 cubes of maggi should be enough.
Slice your Okras in small circles and after 15 minutes pour it in the pot since it’s a small sauce.
Add all your dry fish, meat, crabs, prawns and beef stock.

Stir and let it simmer for 10 minutes and voila all done.

You can serve it with Pounded yam, ground rice or Eba.  On this occasion, the Hubz went for Eba.