How to Cook Raw Prawns

I always find it hard to find big prawns and most supermarket that sell them always have roughly 20 – 25  in a pack which is not enough when you are cooking for a lot of people. 

Most people tend to walk pass raw prawns because of the stress, the way it looks or simply they are not sure how to cook it.  Whatever the reason I hope this post makes you pick it up once in a while as they are fresh, saves you money and they are actually King size. (Like the one you get in a Chinese restaurant. *wink wink*)

Pull the head off 

In the middle, peel the skin off gently starting from the legs.

Pull the tail off; they should come off easily 

Make a slit at the back of the prawn just to reveal a bit of the flesh 

You should see the vein 

Pull it off with a knife like so. 

Rinse and prepare to cook. You can fry, boil, grill or steam. The prawns are ready when the colour has changed to pink.