Ewѐdu (Corchorus Leaves)

The benefits of ewedu are amazing, it contains most of the nutrients we all need and the taste it adds to stew is exceptionally special.
It is rich in calcium, iron, protein, vitamin A, C and E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, foliate and dietary fibres.

You can get frozen blended ewedu in the shops but I am very keen on hygiene. However if you don’t mind just go straight to the last step below after defrosting.
Corchorus leaves (Ewedu Leaves)
Locust beans (Iru)
1 stock cube or 1/2 a stock cube (depending if you’re using Maggi or Knorr)
Pick the leaves off the branch
Put in the blender
Add water just to allow it to blend. Add more water as necessary but not too much.
It will form smooth slimy syrup.
Pour in the pot, add your stock cube and iru (locust beans), stir and let it simmer for 3 minutes. (This ensures we do not cook all the nutrients out.)

I serve ewedu only with Eba or Amala. I feel anything after that don’t do enough justice. (I know some people eat it with rice but then again that’s none of my business Lol!!)