Easy Fisherman Soup

I love Autumn as it allows me to be creative with different spices. I was waiting for a friend for a long time in the rain so when I got in I wanted something to keep me warm and also sweat off the cold feeling immediately. I also wanted it to be quick. Lol! (The rain was madness!!!! But that rainbow made up for it 🙂 ) Anyways, using the ingredients at home I decided to start cooking. I love the fact it’s so filling, healthy, refreshing and warming. It is also a source of Omega 3(wink wink). It’s one of those dishes you just want to eat while chilling in your onesie and watching Scandal at the same time.

Cod Fillets
Smoked Haddock Fillets
Salmon Fillets

1tbsp of sunflower oil
Spring Onions
Yellow and Green Bell Peppers
1tsp Oregano
½ tsp Thyme
½ Paprika
1 tsp chilli powder

1tsp of tomato & garlic puree
1 scotch bonnet (as preferred)
1tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp of rice vinegar
Beans Sprout
½ cup of water

Add the sunflower oil to a pan
Slice all the vegetables and pepper and add it to the pan

Add all seasoning, soy sauce and rice vinegar.

Rinse the fish fillets, and then pour it in the pan

Add water and salt to taste

Cover and cook for 8-10 minutes then its ready to serve.

It would be nice to hear from some of you, so please kindly comment and let me know if this blogging thing is for me.