Crunchy Strawberry & Chocolate Kokoro

Kokoro is a type of snack in Nigeria made from cornmeal. I am really excited about this recipe because it tastes so good. As some of you may know I am having a private dinner in a secret location in London for 36 people on a first come first serve basis. The link will be up on the blog tomorrow (Friday12th of September) so make sure you check it out and book :-)…..

Whilst creating different dishes for the private dinner, kokoro came to mind and as usual I had to look for a way to own it. My gosh does it taste delicious.

100g Cornmeal (Make sure it says coarse on it)
1 tablespoon of Sugar
Sunflower Oil
Crushed Milk Chocolate or Nutella spread

1teaspoon Flour (self raising or plain)

Pour the cornmeal and sugar in a pot, add water so all the cornmeal dissolves but not too runny.

Heat and stir until the mixture is firm then let it cool

In a bowl add the mixed cornmeal, a bit of flour then knead until it’s really firm but smooth.

Roll out with a rolling pin. (If sticky add a bit of flour)

Cut in a rectangle shape or any shape or length you want then add the filling.

Roll and place aside.

When all the cornmeal has been rolled and filled, add sunflower oil to a wok or pan and heat till it’s really hot.

Fry until golden, remove and place it on a kitchen towel to drain the oil.

Serve with cream, fruits, cream cheese or eat on its own.

The longer you leave it to cool the crunchier it gets. So if you have guest coming over make this first and place on the table for them to enjoy while you get the booze…lol

Remember the shape does not have to be perfect as long as it taste amazing.