Chocolate Crunch Puff-Puff

Puff-Puff is a Nigerian snack that everybody loves. You will always find puff-puff in any occasion.
Whether it’s christening, weddings, funerals, engagements etc you will find puff-puff there. It’s part of the popular “small chops” collection too.  A Nigerian parry without “small chops” is not a parry.  This is a topic for another day. hehehe
We will explore puff-puff as a dessert in this post.

100g plain flour
1 sachet of yeast
½ tsp nutmeg
½ tsp cinnamon
35g sugar
Chocolate crunch
Vegetable oil
This recipe makes 10 medium size puff -puff. Increase the measurement above as necessary.
Add all the dry ingredients (flour, yeast, nutmeg, cinnamon sugar) and mix together.
Add water to mix but not too watery until you get a thick but not watery batter. (This is why I need a vlog… it’s really tempting now)  Continue mixing until it is smooth
Cover the mixture with foil airtight and leave for 1hour. The batter is ready when it has doubled in size, it’s slightly thicker and there are air bubbles on top.
Add the chocolate crunch and mix with your hand.

Pour the vegetable oil in a pan that can take at least 3-5 inches of oil. (I always use a Wok) Test the oil is hot enough by putting a drop of the batter in the pan. If it sinks and stays at the bottom it is not hot enough it should rise to the top and float.
A little bit of mixture at a time, drop the batter in the oil using your hand.
Fry for few minutes till the bottom is golden then turn. When the whole ball is golden, transfer onto a sieve lined with kitchen towel. All done.
The way the chocolate burst in your mouth as you chew is truly magical.
Serve with fruits and a topping of your choice. I have gone with banana and a caramel topping OH MY!!
Can you tell I am excited!!!! Enjoy!!!