A lady once told me the woman that created the dish is the reason why they named it aya-mase.  How true that is I don’t know but one thing I know is its definitely a unique dish. It’s a spicy stew made with green bell peppers and scotch bonnet however we are not chilli lovers so the maximum I use is 3 scotch bonnet when cooking for the house. The Hubz calls this Oni-Mase. Lol!

Aya-mase is mostly served with ofada rice which is produced in Nigeria. It is different from long grain, it has its own taste and aroma but definitely compliments the uniqueness of ayamase. I have used long grain rice as this is what I had when I was cooking.


10 Green Bell Peppers
3 – 7 Scotch Bonnet (depending on preference)
Palm oil
Meat (Beef, Ox stripe, cow leg, smoked turkey, cow lungs)
Locust Beans
3 Knorr maggi

Boil the meat, cut in small pieces, fry and place aside.

Blend the bell peppers, scotch bonnet and onion.

In a medium size pot, heat the palm oil until it is hot but not extremely hot then add the blended mix.

After 30 minutes add the stock cubes, meat  and locust beans.

Let it cook for another 30 minutes.

Meanwhile boil the eggs in another pot, peel the skin and place aside.

Reduce the heat to low for 10 minutes adding the boiled and peeled eggs.

The oil should be at the top of the stew to drain off.

Serve with rice and plantain.