A Trip To Billingsgate Market

Went to Billingsgate market over the weekend to buy fish for a client and decided to buy some for the house.
I have always seen Billingsgate market but the thought of waking up that early to buy fish always felt impossible. 
The Hubz wanted something different from the norm and decided to get Carp. Will post the recipe and preparation in the next post.

There were so many seafood and different types of fish available but an interesting fact is they have a training school which offers fish cookery and preparation courses.
As you walk, you can’t help but get a big welcome from the smell of the market, fish mongers shouting across each other trying to sell all their stock. There was so much to see and little time but I managed to take some pics.  


The lobster is bringing out bubbles.. creepy

The crabs were moving

Does anyone know what fish this is?