Author: deeoni

The Unofficial Fried Rice

I call it the unofficial fried rice because this is not the standard Nigerian fried rice. I think fried rice is one of those meals you do not need a recipe for. You work with what you have at home. I like the fact it allows creativity, you add different ingredients together to create a… Read more »

GIVEAWAY: Dinner for Two at Enish Nigerian Restaurant and Grill

Yes you read it right. Dinner for two at Enish Nigerian Restaurant & Grill. In collaboration with the restaurant you and your chosen guest could dine at the stylish restaurant this December. To qualify; ·         you must be based in the UK ·         Follow Enish Restaurant on Instagram: Enish_Restaurant or Facebook: Enish Restaurant ·         Follow… Read more »

Interview with the Co-Owner of Enish Nigerian Restaurant & Grill

I have ranted so much about the lack of an up-scale Nigerian restaurant in London and after so much searching I am glad to announce I have found one of the best Nigerian restaurants in the UK. Jointly owned by Olushola and Eniola Medupin with decades of restaurant experience there is no surprise why it… Read more »

Hello December

Happy New Month I am extremely excited. I can’t believe we are in December already. This year  as been totally awesome from 1st of January till date. I have so much to be thankful for. God is truly faithful. I have grown so much this year and I know 2015 will be greater, bigger and… Read more »


Hello my lovelies! I know I have been away for a while but I have been busy sorting giveaways for you all. So make sure you stay tuned through out December to be a lucky winner. Can you believe December is around the corner. Haaaaaaaaaa! Anyways today we are looking at Nkwobi. Nkwobi originates from the south… Read more »


Moin- Moin is a bean pudding made from blended black eyed beans and cooked through steaming. It originates from Nigeria and it can be eaten alone or with rice, plantain, bread or porridge.So my friend was in the market and asked me what I wanted and all i could think of was leaves. Zobo leaves moin-moin… Read more »

Kidney Beans, Yam and Gizzard Pottage

This is a comforting dish that hits all the right spot in your body. A popular dish in Nigeria is Yam and Beans but this right here is a twist that will become a winner in your home as a substitute to the traditional Yam and Beans. I have used kidney beans instead of the… Read more »

Oven Baked Tilapia Fish

I feel like it’s fish season for me right now. I just can’t get enough of it. Maybe my body is getting prepared for the amount of meat I will be feeding it during Christmas. I will be posting different version of this fish once in a while as I have so many recipe for… Read more »

Lebanese Style Chicken Shawarma

I love Shawarma. Whether it’s Chicken, Steak, Lamb or Turkey, I just love it. I have lost count of how many times I have gone Edgware road just for it. So I thought it’s high time I reduce my late night trips to Edgware road and find a solution to my cravings. Lol!!(I did tell… Read more »

Easy Fisherman Soup

I love Autumn as it allows me to be creative with different spices. I was waiting for a friend for a long time in the rain so when I got in I wanted something to keep me warm and also sweat off the cold feeling immediately. I also wanted it to be quick. Lol! (The… Read more »