About Onidodo

ONI DODO came from our last name and our love for plantain.

An accountant by profession I left the corporate world to follow my passion with the help of my husband. We run Onidodo Supper Club.

I would never have thought cooking and making recipes was something I would end up doing. At the age of 10, I burnt the plantain and thought it was normal. I didn’t even know it was burnt, the smoke was on the other side of the kitchen after all.

My mind-set changed however after making jollof rice for my younger siblings. The smiles on their faces was priceless. I love what a good meal does to people. I have the ability to bring joy, love and togetherness and it’s this thought that has allowed me to nurture my passion.

Growing up in London in a diverse community, there are so many different cuisines available and coming from a Nigerian background I’d like to help put West African meals on the map.

As much as I love authentic Nigerian meals, being exposed to other cultures and their ingredients, my palette has evolved and I love nothing more than developing new recipes and taking the *tastes* I had from my childhood into a new direction.

We hope we are able to appeal not just to the wider public but also to the new generation of Africans to experience some of their best-loved meals in a modern and contemporary manner.